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sptddog said:
Anyone know how I can get the maintenance history of an 04 LE I'm buying? Can I just call Nissan Consumer or something with the VIN and have them fax it to me? I didn't ask the dealer to do it, I guess I could, but I'd just prefer not to. I want to make sure they don't do the 'the fixes were done' type crap. I want to see that they've been done and if they haven't been, to do them.

I thought I read on here somewhere that I could just call and get it, but I can't find where..... :confused:
I'm not sure if you can just dial a number and get every service record for a vehicle, but if you could that would be pretty sweet.

Also note that not all 04's have had issues, and the dealer will only perform a "FIX" or TSB if there is an issue. You can't just walk into a dealer and say give me every fix and TSB in the first has to be reproduced then fixed. :D
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