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I bought my 04 last fall. Had 160k kms. Figured not much can be wrong with that kinda mileage. I've owned tons of vehicles with way more miles and they didn't have nearly the problems this turd has.
In the last 8 months I've replaced both front struts(one spring was broken), front brakes(caliper slides were siezed and wore the pads into the rotor on the inside),camshaft postition sensor(truck would randomly die on the highway),the handle on the power tailgate quit working, the rear drivers door sometimes won't open from the outside, went to charge the ac yesterday and found a hole in the rear ac line just ahead of the back wheel(fixed that with steel epoxy lol), Both outter tie rods were totally worn, front sway bar bushings are pounded out of it, If i ever have to touch the rear suspension this things getting "stolen" the suspension and frame are very rusty, the sunroof whistles on the highway(gotta play with it to get it in a position where it's sealed), I've been chasing an evap code for months(pretty sure I got it figured by now), and now when I close the power tailgate it sometimes stops a foot before the latch. The 6 disc in dash changer was jammed full of discs from previous owner. It's in the trash. Oh and both exhaust manifolds leak, probably cracked. The body is starting to rust around the back wheels. It's soo loud when you floor it to pass someone! Not muffler dragin chug wagon loud but jet engine loud lol.

The drivetrain seems solid though, no problems with that so far.

Seems every time I fix one thing another handful of problems appear. Just need this thing to last another year then we're buying something new.

These things are probably great when new, but more options usually means more problems down the road. I'd never buy a 10 year old bmw or mercedes unless I had a lot of spare time to deal with the electrical problems that they will have.
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