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Hello all, new to the forums! I am a previous owner to a 17 tundra which I got new and just sold due to the crazy car market. I have decided on an older armada or a qx56. I am buying an 05 armada tomorrow and I've been looking hard for about 2 solid months. I was wanting black leather, and 4x4 with tow package and good condition for a good price. Finally about to pick up one tomorrow. I took a look at it tonight, it looked to be in good condition other then a few minor quirks. Sunroof doesn't work 100%, paint fading on hood, roof and fenders, and little plastic cover near the shift knob is broken. It needs new tires and the wheels are fugly. It has 130k miles. Seemed to drive ok. Carfax was clean, looks like maintenance was done as suggested what I can tell.

Couple questions for you guys.

It currently has 20 inch wheels with low profile tires. I would like to downsize the wheels to smaller wheels with larger tires (offroad aggressive look). I believe its standard height without a lift. What are the suggested wheel size and largest tires i should go with without rubbing?

Secondly. Is there anything I should be looking for with this vehicle? Any known issues ?

Any other suggestions or comments welcome. Thank you all in advance !!
1 - 1 of 168 Posts