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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to purchase a 2014-2015 Armada Platinum but wanted to reach out here to see if what I'm seeing at the used car lots is true.

I love the trucks look and idea. I currently have a 2015 X5 and I'm looking for something to haul more DIY projects and fit all three of our boys in more comfortably.

My first impression when I went to the dealer was "Yep, this is the car I'm looking for." It had a great stance. Engine sounded great. Stepping into the driver seat felt excellent. The kids were overjoyed with the space inside and the luxury items such as the dual screens. It felt like the kind of car you need whether you're hauling lumber for a deck rebuild or for toting kids to school in the morning.

The truck I tested had about 95k miles on it. Everything felt good except it drives maybe too much like a truck? Nose diving into every turn - even the small ones in a parking lot. It was lumbering on bumpy roads - like a water bed. Even the kids said the truck felt like it was swaying too much in the third row.

Now again I'm used to a BMW with tight sport suspension and a very good feel of the road, BUT I have to ask the community --- Is that a normal ride feel? Are the Armadas supposed to feel like that when you turn or hit bumps?

Oh also - the truck rattled a lot inside. Normal for these trucks?

It's been an ordeal looking for any to test drive with the used car market the way it is so I don't have a large sample to compare it to.

Any feedback would be really helpful. Checking five times a day is wearing on me.

Thanks all.
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