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Hi everybody, my wife and have said goodbye to the impractical and sporty cars in our lives....and are about to take the full-size Armada journey. Kids and, well, life in general seem to be ushering us in this direction. Was just curious what, if any, advice some of you might have. We're narrowing down to a 2017-18 Platinum trim with 2nd row buckets. Neither of us have ever owned a Nissan. Top of mind for us is reliability. I'm curious if the Nissan CPO is actually worth the extra money on the used market or if its just a marketing ploy. Doesn't seem like it covers much more than powertrain. Which I wasn't expecting to be much of an issue anyway.

Anywho, wide open to advice on options, trim levels, year to avoid etc etc.

Looking forward to getting to know this community!

Thanks in advance,
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