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Matching the TINT on the windows

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I have a 2006 QX56 but Im fairly sure that the tint on the Armada is the same since Nissan is fairly consistent.

Im trying to find out what tint have people put on the front windows to match the rear windows. Im trying to figure out if 20% is the correct tint to use, and then whether or not if the smoke tint is the right match.

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dixit said:
Yea Im looking at doing it myself. Im fairly good with tinting, done my last 5 cars myself. This car looks really easy with only 2 front windows to do.
Since you have done this several times over, any suggested brands of tint? I am planning on having a shop do it, but it is always good to know the better brands and products going in. Thanks!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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