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I installed big tow mirrors on my mada. I tow a big trailer so they were kinda needed. I was worried about how they would look but I actually think the fit the vehicle better. bigger truck bigger mirrors, fits perfect will take pics if anyone wants to see
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How much?????
DaArmaDa said:
first the add on mirrors are crappy I tried them before and they dont work well in my opin. The mirrors I put on are the ones from the titan, same thing between the two, I tried to find someone to jsut trade with but could not. so I bought them on ebay for about $245 pretty good deal, there is another person on ebay that sells new ones for $340 or something but I thought tha was high just keep wathcing. will get pics soon as I get a chance
How hard were they to install? Are they heated?
DaArmaDa said:
Yes they are memory and heated, THe install is not hard its four screws behind the black cover on the door in the obvious place, the problem is that the cover is stickied on so I just cut X's in the four spots where the bolt nuts are, its easy to locate by pushing with your finger til it dents in. I tried to pull it off but it does more damage that way, so I fugured I would do it like this and then change the cover when I get a chance and am fully satisfied with the mirrors and dont want to change them back, which I am satisfied now. I will post pics soon as I can maybe later today
Can you measure how wide the truck is with the mirrors in the "in" position? I barely fit through the garage door now (my garage has single doors) with the standard mirrors. I am also assuming that they fold flat against the body, correct?

Thanks for the help!

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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