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Mis alligned door

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The rear driver side door of my Armada was mis alligned. The gap on top of the door was twice as wide compared to the other passenger side rear door and the very lower end of the driver side rear door was touching slightly to the driver side road. I first took it to Stevens Creek Nissan a few months ago after I noticed it but sevice adviser said it is "normal". I saw another Armada there which had the same misalligned door. I really did think it was by design. Then after a few months, I went to another dealer and checked out some other Armadas and I didnt see that wide of a gap. I took my Armada back to another dealer, this time and the service adviser at the first look said that the door is in fact mis alligned and made an appointment to fix it. I am glad it is almost perfectly alligned now. so check yours to make sure your is alligned properly.
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Were you able to see the gap from the outside? Also what dealer did you end up going to. I used to go to Stevens Creek but all the good advisors are they have a buncha dick heads that act like you're bothering them everytime you go in.

I'm thinking of going to Capital Nissan now? Is that where you went? :confused:
I went to Superior Nissan in Fremont. It used to be Magnussens Nissan which I also had very bad experience with in the past but now they have been purchased by Superior Nissan. The gap was not totally open. It was still covered with rubber seal but the metal to metal gap was twice the normal gap of other doors. It looked the door was a little crooked.
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