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Mixed Feelings about New Armada

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I have owned my Armada 2004 Model for three weeks and have made three trips to the dealership already.

After some thorough research, the problems are very prevalent throughout the Armada / Infiniti QX models particularly in the 2004 Models. Any other frustrated owners of Armadas that may have an interest in persuing legal action (Possibly Class Action Suit) against Nissan in order to force them to resolve issues can message. undefined :mad:
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No offense, but why is everyone so eager to start legal action....?

And even if we did want to, you haven't told us anything about what your problems have been. :confused:

In the grand theme of things, three weeks is nothing. I know car/truck owners that had have theirs in the shop for a total of months in the first year of ownership - now that's bad. A big inconvenience and big pain in the ass for you early on? Sure, but give them time to correct your problems before flapping about a lawsuit... :rolleyes:
Sorry Bio, but I have to agree with Lurker here. Besides, you really can't sue Nissan, and "force them to resolve issues" when Nissan has issued quite a few TSB's that will almost certainly fix whatever problems you have. Get your new Armada fixed, and then try to enjoy it. That's what the rest of us are doing. :rolleyes:

If you bought a new Nissan, had problems with it in the first three weeks, took it back to the dealer and they told you to buzz off - THEN you'd have grounds for a lawsuit... but even then it wouldn't be a class action suit unless that dealer did it to a ton of Armada owners. Not bloody likely.

Nissan service is top-rated, and is the best I've ever seen. The whole lawsuit talk is really unnecessary.
I'm in the process of trading my Armda in for a topped-out Frontier. Nissan is working with me to get a decent trade-in value and the local dealer is aiming at getting me a good price on the Frontier... If you raise a little bit of hell with NissanUSA, they will at least try to find a fix. So far, everyone has been extremely nice. I havent gotten an official trade-in price, but I'm expecting it to be at least 30,000. If you are really that unsatisfied, give it a few months to make sure you really have some issues, and then contact Nissan USA with your issues. They'll work with you.
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