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Well I finally installed the Prodigy.

This was the only location that it could be mounted due to it's 70 degree limit. The Pathfinder really doesn't have much area for the installation of a controller. Since I'm right handed, I need to be able to adjust the manual control lever with my right hand. Also didn't want to mount it on the left side, under dash in fear it would be hit getting in and out. If not by me, then a service guy or someone else getting in.

I originally mounted it left of the emission plug and angled up so it doesn't get bumped when I'm pushing on the gas or brake pedal.

Well had to move the controller over a bit. I used the left bracket mounting hole as the new 'right' bracket mounting hole and moved the controller to the left directly under the steering wheel.

The reason was that when any G force was happening whether heavy braking or turning, I was pushing into the controller with my shin. Otherwise I never hit it. Live and learn.

So I moved it across to the left, now directly inline with the steering wheel. Now my foot while on the brake or gas pedal isn't near it. Plus it provides additional benefits as now to use the manual controller, instead of going around my right leg and pushing my leg in slightly to reach the manual control, I now have no interference with my leg in trying to reach the manual control lever. I actually thought having it as far to the right would be the benefit, but I was wrong.

Since I used one of the 2 holes in the plastic shell, I only have one un-needed hole. It can't be seen as it's under the dash and if someone else buys the truck at a much later date, they'll have additional mounting options if they use a controller.

Have a good one and here's the new mounted position.

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