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Moved to the top of the list for countermeasure brakes.

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I was on a waiting list for the new "countermeasure" brakes for my 04 Armada. I found an attorney website They contacted Nissan for me, got me moved to the top of the list and got me some cash for my trouble. I would recommend these guys, they do not charge anything for their services; Nissan has to pay the fees!

Good luck!
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I never had them turned. I have never complained before either. I just called the dealer, said I had brake judder and got new rotors pads, calipers and rear rotors turned. This was before the recall letter came out too (about a week before I got it in the mail).

I do hear you about getting these guys to move. I had an undercoating issue and it was like pulling teeth to get them to fix. check yours drivers side rear there is a 50-50 chance there is a large triangle patch missing in the upper forward location.
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