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There are other threads here you can search which will give you a lot of information about our sound systems.

Short answer: Your 6 disc CD WILL NOT PLAY mp3's. Best solution: Get an IPod or other hard-drive based player of your personal preference and plug it into the auxillary input on the dash. That works great.

BTW, I'm no fan of Bose, but the problem in our system is grossly exaggerated upper bass which really muddies the midrange. Try leaving your midrange and treble controls flat (0), and put the bass down at -4 or -5. The sub will still be strong.

My totally factory stock system measures very, very flat on professional grade test equipment when set this way. Yours may be different, but give it a try before slamming the factory system and running out and spending a ton of money.

As always, differing opinions are respected. Just one guy's point of view.
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