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MPG Fuel cost??

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Would'nt ya know it. I finally invest in this fantastic beast so I can pull a TT and enjoy the weekends and the cost of Gas is outta sight. What has any one done to increase fuel efficiency, if anything? Am I the only one thinking about possibly trading in my 04' Smoke 4x4? I cringe at the thought....Lucky for me I have a company truck to drive every day, and the wife shleps to work in the ole 95' Jeep, so the Mada stays put in the drive way all week. I'm running her in 2wd as opposed to the awd position do ya think that will help? Any pointers will be appreciated, & see ya at the pump. :cool:
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Right. Honestly not too many of us were concerned with fuel economy during the test drive :). Of course I would be happy with 30 Mpg.....but in reality the low Mpg is the cost of having such a great toy.
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