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My 04 problems

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I have the same noisy rattle and sticky drivers window like most of you, I also have the tire pressure gauge light on. I read on here about the temperature being a factor, so i will let that one go. The passenger side mirror will not move at all. I also have had a little problem with the customer service at my dealership..I purchased the Perma Plate to help keep up the appearance, but after 1 week i noticed the passenger door was faded and had small scratches covering the whole door. I brought it back and they said i must have left it beside my sprinklers....Car is garaged always...They buffed it out and it came back 2 weeks later. They promised to repaint if they couldn't fix these type of problems when i purchsed the Perma Plate, but all they have done is rebuffed it 4 times now. I ask them about repainting it but they say it doesn't need it. Next time i go for this problem, i will not leave until the truck is painted...Way to much $$$$$$ to get the run around
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about 2 weeks ago my tire pressure light came on. It was right as the weather was getting cooler. I went the next day and checked the pressure and filled the tires to proper levels and within 5 minutes the light was out. You may just need to put a little air in.
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