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After 6 months of debate, I bought my wife a new Armada SE 4x2 for Christmas. I went in to take advantage of year in deals but ended up going with the 2005 as all the dealer had left was loaded down LEs. Another factor that made me go for the 2005 was the comparison to the 2004 model we test drove back in the summer. The 2005 seemed a bit smoother and quieter than the 2004 we had driven previously.

Our Expedition (which we kept) is black and we swore we'd never get another black vehicle but our Armada is indeed black. It's called galaxy black and looks awesome in the sun (like a night sky with a bunch of stars). We chose it becuase the SE's now have gaudy gray wheels and only the black looked good with them. We plan to add little window tint on the front windows and a fog lamp kit will probably finish the exterior for us. We might get some aftermarket wheels down the road.

We love the interior and wouldn't change much. It would be nice if the steering wheel controls were illuminated. Our truck is equiped with the SE leather package and looks and feels good. The seats have a wide range of adjustment and we're still in awe that the rear windows roll all the way down. There's tons of storage bins and cupholders. The 2nd and 3rd row seats ton fold as flat as we would like but it works. The flaps on the back of the 2nd row to fill in the gap when the 3rd row is folded down are kinda low rent. This truck is equipped with the Nissan DVD system (we had a portable unit in our Expedition).

If there is one thing that sold this truck, it was the power. The Armada pulls like a train at just about any speed. Unfortunately, fuel mileage is dismal (makes our '98 Expedition seem economical) so we've learned that egg-under-foot driving is the best policy. The suspension is awesome. We like the firm controlled feeling. Our Expedition is more like a leaning tower in turns but the Aramada stays prettly flat. In spite of the firmness it soaks up "most" bumps well. Road noise is kept in check over most surfaces. Wind noise is low and the exhaust which was annoying on the 2004 we drove back in the summer has been demoted from lead singer to background vocals. Don't get me wrong, we love the exhaust note, just don't want to hear it all the time. The brakes work very well but we have worked hard not to abuse the brakes as we know all to well that hard braking in big vehicles like this WILL warp rotors.

The day after taking it home, we picked up a huge screw in one of the tires. I found the truck fairly easy to jack up. We did learn a lesson; the tire pressure monitoring system becomes useless with the spare.

Hope this review helps someone.
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