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My Big trip....

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In case anyone is interested, I'll be leaving Alaska for Wyoming in November (I'm in the Military) and I'll keep everyone posted on how the Armada does. I will be Driving two days to a ferry port in south Alaska then drive from Seattle to Michigan then to Alabama then to Texas and then stopping in Wyoming for my next duty station. I'm sure the Armada will do great on the trip especially with the PS2 installed for the Kids and the Sirius radio for myself. How many miles do you all have in your armada or titan? 4K for me!
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BlakSpyda said:
He posted that a year ago!
:D wasn't paying attention to the date
This thread is TWO years old!
LOL!!! Sorry Flip4Prez. Black Spyda's dog pix said it all. It's all good man! Are you filipino by the way?
I have 20k on My Armada and love it. So does the Family. Noone ever wants to take my wifes explorer out anymore. Good Luck with the Trip and new Duty Station in Wyoming. When I was in the Air Force I had to go to an Air Force Base there once. It was really different but mostly cause I am a bit of a city boy. Enjoy Frontier Days
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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