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While I was shopping in Home Depot, the Ford expedition next to me left a foot long dent in the right rear quarter panel at the top where the panel transitions from vertical to sloped (had to have hit it with their mirror pulling out and I was parked at least 3 feet away from him). I went to Dent Wizard and the guy told me he could get it 90% out but couldn't get rid of it completely because of the panel transition and it would cost me $200. I went to the body shop that I have all my car work done at and the guy quoted me $250 to pop out the dent and repaint but he also told me he would have his dent guy come out and look at it before he did anything. Long story short, the body shop called me the next morning after I dropped it off and said the dent guy had come out and fixed the dent and it was $100. Dent is completely gone and no repainting. Dent Wizard will not be receiving any of my business.
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