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I know all about dents.... My Armada was the victim of a hit and "try to" run. I was going straight through an intersection, and a little old lady in a conversion van made a right turn, but instead of her going into the lane she should have, she went all the way across into the far lane I was in. She rubbed alongside the entire length of the passenger side. I honked and yelled for her to pull over. She did. I got out of my car to look at the damage, and as I was out of the car, she looked at me all crazily, and she took off. OH MY GOSH I WAS PISSED. I hopped back in the Armada, waited for a chance to get back into traffic, and chased her down to get her plates. She WOULD NOT PULL OVER. I called the police, and reported her. Turns out she was an 87 year old lady, and she said she was afraid I was going to hurt her, so she left. Anyway... the damage looked horrible. The rubber from her side view mirror rubbed a huge black mark from one end of the Armada to the other. After we wiped off all the rubber burn, we were SO HAPPY to see that there was NO PAINT DAMAGE. I do have 1 ding and a tiny dent. I went to Dent- Masters, and since the damage is in 2 panels, it will be $300 to get it fixed. No one really can see the dent unless I point it out. I guess that is good, but to me, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Anyway, must say the paint held up and I was so happy about that. Sorry for long post.
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