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My Volant Mods

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Like several others here I recently installed a Volant CAI. I think it is a good system, but I made a couple of changes.
The install went well, but I didn't like the way the box cover fit. It didn't seal completely, with a gap between the cover and the box. (Photo 1) . When I checked with a straight edge I found that the corners of the box were higher than the rest of the top sealing surface, which caused the gap (Photo 2).
I used a body file to bring down the corners to the level as the rest of the box. You can see this in Photo 3. You can see that the gap is gone in Photo 4.
I also added screws in between the original four screws, giving me a total of eight holding the cover on. I still was not happy with the cover, it is thin and flexible and didn't fit the way I wanted. I then made a new cover from 1/4 " clear plastic. This cover is much stiffer and seals the box well. Since it is clear I can check the condition of the filter without removing the cover. I also moved the Volant tag to the new cover, which is seen in Photo 5.
I know most won't think this is worth the time and trouble, but it isn't a hard modification and I feel better about the sealing of the system.


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Sweet man I love the plexi top. I have spare plexi laying around I just might do this.
thanks for the idea
That looks great. Can you post a how to for the plexi??? I never worked with it before...

Nice work!
TooTall said:
That looks great. Can you post a how to for the plexi??? I never worked with it before...
Give me a little time and I will post a "how to". I will be out of town for the next three days. Will try to make a post with pictures next week.
Much appreciated!
Looks great! Last week I got my Volant CAI and installed it. After a couple of days I say the same gap in the lid. I tried adjusting the screws but couldn't get rid of the gap. I have some poly carbonate laying around, I may just do the same thing. Did you use the seal from the original lid? If not what did you use?
Check my post on ClubTitan. I have answered several questions there that give more details.
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