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Nav A/V switcher?

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Help Me

I have recently installed a Nav A/V switcher from AV electronics and have ran into a few problems.

I purchased some cheap headrest monitors at the same time. After installing them I found that the picture on the Nav screen was perfect but the picture on the head rests were garbled. I assumed that the monitors were just junk and ordered Maron&Davis headrests. The result was that they still have some picture jiggles when running thru the A/V switcher. Also when I would tell the Switcher to display the GPS to one of the headrests it only works 70% of the time. The other 30% is garbled.

Do I need video amplifiers? If so do I need them before or after the signal goes in or out of the AV electronics switcher?

If so this can get expensive. I have already spent $650 bucks more on the headrest then I planed.

Thanks in advance
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You should not need any video amps for the signal coming out of the AVE box. I doubt it's the case but check you power and ground to the monitors. My guess is if you changed out the motiors and re-did the wiring and have the same problem you may of gotten a defective AVE box. Talk with Sam he's good at returning emails, and if he's back in the USA he'll return your call promptly. Electronics fail once in a while so you may of just gotten a bad one.

Have you tried hooking just one monitor up and testing all of the output jacks one at a time? Another check that it's not your montitors is to drag a dvd player out and hook your monitor to it while the monitor is powered from the car.

If it's the box I have no doubt Sam will make it right.
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