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Navigation Beeps...

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I am newly registered to this forum, but have come here many times in the past for information. Great Site.

My problem is with the Navigation system...I have a 2005 LE with just about everything except Satellite Radio. The Navigation system will sound out two short beeps every so often when I am shifting from reverse to drive after backing up. I have had the dealer look at this but of course it doesn't do it when they have it. This is driving me nuts... I was wondering if anyone else has run in to this problem and if so how did they go about fixing it.

Thanks for your help
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Yes...the sound is definatly comming from the Navigation system. The same beep beep sound can be heard if you are trying to select an option that is not availabe while you are driving. I can also reproduce that same sound by pressing the PREV button after the system has booted up to the map screen
Could be a similar problem....mine occurs during a normal driving routine..i.e with out having a destination set on the Navigation. I wonder if it is something in the programing or some sort of shift sensor.
You my be on to something....If I recall I usually get this when I am in a hurry and shift it from Reverse to Drive and the car may not be at a dead stop. It sounds like you are able to reproduce the are you able to do it. I am trying to demonstrate this problem to the dealer and if they don't experience it they will not fix it.

Interesting...I wonder if it is suppose to beep. I would prefer it not beep at all…..Usually a beep is reserved for some sort of error message or to call your attention to something. Thanks for the I can start asking the dealer some pointed questions and try to get to the root of this problem.
I don't think it is suppose to beep...I don't think it is mentioned in the owners manual. Mine doesn't beep all the time.... only about one in 25 - 30 starts, and only when I go in reverse first then shift into drive.

If it is in the DVD software I wonder if I can get Nissan to cover the cost of a new DVD???
92TripleBlack said:
Mine beeps every time I say yes to the NAV and then shift to reverse and turn on the camera. It doesn't if I wait until I shift out of reverse and then say yes to the NAV. Only does it after I have affirmed the NAV and then shift to reverse. ;)

Hmmm...I will have to try that sequence. I never pay attention to when I say yes to the NAV.
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