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Navigation Option Help

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I was looking to purchase a 2005 Armada SE and my wife wants the Navigation System. According to the Nissan website it is only an option on an LE, is this correct or with they install it in the SE too? Thank you for your help, Jaime
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Yes, LE only, and its nice. ;)
Armada Brotha said:
with the navigation and camera option added, does it still employ the rear assiat sonar? i have no navigation but wanted it aftermarket. i was considering going through nissan for navigation ONLY IF they attached the rear camera. as of yet, the dealers i went to said that they can't add Navi to the truck after it rolls off the assembly line. (kinda weird but i didn't dispute)
Yes. The camera and sonar both work. Camera wasn't available in '04 and is standard on '05+ with NAV/Tech package. The reason they don't put it on after is the NAV is tied to everything. Mileage, AC, stereo, etc. all show up on the display and are all interconnected. ;)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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