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92TripleBlack said:
Not worth it. Get an Alpine, Pioneer, or some other aftermarket system with NAV. Better sound and NAV for less. ;)
So You say. Doesn't make it true however. The factory tech package is EXCELLENT! I'm sure those systems you mention are fine system, but they cannot touch the factory system for overall quality and integration. Having the stereo, dvd, hvac, system monitoring, NAV, and rear-view camera all integrated into a seamless package would be very, very difficult to beat with an aftermarket system. Fact is, the rear-view camera is absolutely an awesome feature; with a large vehicle like the Armada having a camera is just sweet, hooking-up a trailer....SWEET, backing up an empty trailer down the boat ramp......SWEET!

So cheaper? Yes. Better? NO WAY!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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