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Factory Nav after purchase?!


If a factory navigation system can indeed be added to a Nissan SUV after purchase, I definately need to know, and want details on any place that can, and will, do it, no matter what the price. I assume it can be done, for example, because if you break the part, or get in an accident, it may have to be replaced.

Now, let me explain what happened to me. I recently purchased a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE w/o Navigation. I did so because this was the only LE the dealersihp had, and I really wanted to deal with this dealership (stealership?!) at the time. They swore to me up and down that I could indeed install a Factory OEM navigation system after the fact on a Pathfinder LE. I was told this by Finance guy, finance manager, salesperson, service tech. Well come to find out, after waiting 2 weeks and hearing nothing about my Nav, that they lied. I am so distraught. I know I can add an aftermarket Nav, but I want factory. That is what I wanted. And it was made VERY, VERY clear to the dealership that I wanted a factory Nav. Now here I am with a vehicle I do not want, because it doesn't have the factory Nav installed.

The dealership now claims that the factory Nav cannot be installed because vehicle is not wired to accept it. I contacted NissanUSA, who confirms what the dealership states.

However, in a perfect world without cost being an option, can it be done? If so, I intend to hold the dealersihp to the contract, and intend to obtain the benefit of my deal. Therefore, please let me know if anyone has information on this.

Endless hours of searching has led me to discover that this company, in partnership with Hitachi, produces the Navigation Systems that are installed into Nissan SUVs:

Please let me know guys your thoughts / views / comments :) Thanks!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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