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Navigation system failure in 2006 Armada

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I've had my armada LE for only 1800 miles and on the trip to the airport today the navigation system was wrong. It showed me moving on another hwy. I thought maybe it needed to recalibrate internally hopefully with the satellites. I drove for 1 hour and the navi was still showing me at another location even though I was at the airport.

Anyone have a solution. I plan to take it in next week.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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I don't think I'd take it in. How is the location when you are in wide open places? How far off was it?

If you don't have decent sat reception you will not receive accurate results.

Remember GPS is line of sight, tall buildings, trees, parking garage, ect will throw the results off.
I live in Houston, Texas and the Navi was working fine the day before. I don't think sat reception was an issue. Is there a way to tell how good your sat reception is on the display?
Yes you can find out how many sat's you are in line with at any particular time.

Set your navigation to "turn off" short menu's and then go search for it. I think it's in settings, it should not be very hard for you to find.

If there are two three or 4 roads that run parallel to each other the GPS may show you on either one of them.

Also, if you've moved the joystick forward or backward searching for an upcoming road make sure you remember to press "map" to cancel out the function and take you back to your current location. It sounds like this could have been the problem. The system will not automatically reset back to your current location if you've moved the joystick in one location or another, either by accident or on purpose, until you restart the vehicle, press "previous" or "map."

Hope that helps,
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I have a 2005 Armada LE. Today I started experiencing same type of problem. I live in Miami in the southern area about 2 miles from the water. Today the pointer started showing almost a 2 mile difference on the Map to where I actually was.

I pulled the DVD out and then inserted it again for it to reload. It did so with no errors but once again shows the incorrect location. When I drive it shows a location that moves in the right location and direction but its just off by that distance.

What do you think this could there a reset button?
Thats nothing. Up here in Alaska the nav doesnt show any roads. So I think the machine wants to be in california, because the nav has had me driving around L.A. for the past few months. I show 4 to 6 satellites all the time.
Dustoff-00 said:
I think the machine wants to be in california
well with that -15F you reported over on your thread about 4x4 lights, of course your Nav wants to be in CA (I served in northern Alberta Canada, so I understand your temps)

back to OP - I've seen same type of off tracking in my 07 Mada. In fact have seen it on my older Garmin. As Eric note above, parallel roads throw them off - calculates a position with some inaccuracies, then puts the cursor on the closest road as a track. So some conditions can fool it, I suppose.
HAHA,,I actually came outside last winter and the Nav told me to "go back inside it was toooooooo cold out here."

Mine doesnt just have an inaccuracy, it is off by a few states and all of Canada.
OK...for all of you that have a problem with the GPS being's the solution I found.

Go to settings...make sure you deactivate short menu to long menus. Then go into navigation and there's a setting to reset location. All you have to do is move crosshairs to your actual location push SET and also confirm your direction and push SET, and system recalibrates to new location and direction.

How in the world it lost track..? Haven't a clue!
A bunch of portable navs have been having problems. My dads Garmin was off by several miles. My sisters tomtom has gotten off to the point she can't use it on the rural ambulance anymore, and mine just has me riding through the woods. I wonder if the government is playing with the selective availability again, I think that is what you call it.
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