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Need a Recommendation on a Jack

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I recently had an experience where my right front tire blew out at 70 mph. My Mada was very easy to control and get safely to the side. Unfortunately the jack that came with it would not raise the Mada high enough to get the spare on. I ended up having to call a tow truck and have the tire changed by the tow service with a floor jack.

The jack is really chewed up from its single use. The place where rod goes into the jack is very bent and chewed up. I am planning on going back to the dealer and complaining and I expect they will give me a new jack of exactly the same quality and height.

Any suggestions on a replacement that will be of higher quality and be easily stowable?
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I have a 3 ton floor jack, too. I keep it in the garage. I really don't want that thing banging around the back of my Mada, though. The jack needs to be able to lift the Mada high enough and easily storable. Maybe some kind of bottle jack. I may have to go to some 4X4 retail web sites and see what I can come up with.
What about a Hi-Lift Jack?

A Hi-Lift jack would be nice, if I could use it. The problem is that I don't know where I would attach it to the Mada.

This would be good because I would like to do some light off roading in my Mada.

Any ideas?
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demobud said:
I keep a 3ton bottle jack in my Mada, as I have done in every truck Ive had since I was a kid. I just dont trust factory jacks since I generally have aload and /or a trailer attached.
I have been looking, but have not found a bottle jack that gets enough height. I figure I need it to be no taller than 11" and get to 19" of height. I determined this by extending the factory jack all of the way.

The factory jack sucks and cranking it up is a pain in the ass, especially on the side of the road in the Phoenix heat. I prefer to work smart not hard.

This is the closest thing I found to a reasonably priced jack with the right height. According to the specs it goes to 17 3/4 inch. I don't know if this is high enough, though, and don't know if that includes a screw extension or not. I may have to go to Sears and look for myself.

I also sent an email to Hi-Lift about using their jack on an Armada. I will share their response when I get it.
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