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Hi all,

I need some help figuring out what I need for proper fitment of my next set of wheels and tires. The vehicle is a 2010 Infiniti QX56. It came from the factory with 275/60R20, and big heavy chrome 20x8" wheels (that I have been unable to find definite specs on, but seem to have stock offset of 25mm. I've seen a few sites say that the backspace was 5.5). I'm planning on doing a 2" lift to the truck. I'd like to bring the wheel size down to an 18", and bring the tire size up to a 37". I don't know if I can actually fit 37s, as they would work out to 2" bigger on all sides than the factory 33s, and I only have about 2" of clearance from the factory rubber to the fender. The lift might give the clearance I need, but it would be tight...Too tight, I don't know?...If not I can definitely fit 35s.

I've spent a lot of time with online tire calculators, trying to figure what will actually work, and what sizes I need, but I'm getting myself more confused than anything. Below are what I'm looking at, but I'm open to suggestions, because again as I've said, I'm getting myself confused more than anything. I can take measurements of anything on the truck that people need. Any help is appreciated.

I've been looking at these wheels: 305 | NV | Bronze
and these tires: 37" Grabber™ X3 in a 37x12.5R18
or these tires: 35" Grabber™ A/TX in a 35x12.5R18
(I would prefer narrower tires than a 12.5, but haven't been able to find any.)

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I don't think a 2" lift is going to allow you to even put 37's in the rear, much less the front:


I'd suggest that whomever you are buying the lift kit from should have some specs for you on tire range for your vehicle.

These might be helpful:

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