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Need you help deciding??

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Need your help deciding?? (Trading in Armada??)

Well it looks like I'm pretty close to trading in my 04 Armada LE....but I wanted to see what others thought about my choices. Also can QX56 owners tell me how they like their SUV's so far? Thanks!

My favorite options in order....right now are as follows:

1. Used 2004-2005 QX56
2. New 2005-2006 Armada
3. New / Used 05 Infinity M35 (M45)
4. Somthing completely different, some kind of luxury sedan? :confused:

Please let me know what you think, as of right now I am scheduled to go look at a few low mileage 04 QX56's and one 05. Although I'm not sure if getting a QX56 is the right choice or not. Any advice or info on them would be nice. Thanks!
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those are the same cars we want to get if we are trading in the '04 Armada, which is at a 70% ish percent...but i don't think so getting a QX56 is a good idea, unless you're gettin a hell of a deal...shown in previous QX56 posts, it's not reallt worth the price...get a 2006 Armada:D lol
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