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New 05 Armada owner sayin' howdy from the Republic of Texas.

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Wife and I just bought an 05 SE w/leather pkg. Traded in the 99 Trooper that had 126,000 miles. It was a solid ride, but the wife really wanted another Nissan. This is our sixth Nissan. We've had a 72-510, 78-510, 91-Sentra SE-r, 96-240sx, 97-Altima and now the Armada.

I haven't done much lookin' round, but I hope this is a great place to find and pass along good information.
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Yeh this forum is still pretty young but we are growing pretty quick. Its the only Armada Forum I know of. Help spread the word though and we will have a really great place before you know it.
Well hopefully from everything I have read the 05's should have most of the little squeeks and rattles worked out. Nissan sent in a lot of help to get these problems taken care of. I read in a magazine last month that the reason they jumped on the rattle issues was from all the talk of it on forums and bulletin boards. Just think thanks to some of us with Titan's and Armada's made in 04 and our constant whining and complaining you may wind up with a better product. LOL
BoCRon said:
I have been trying to find out if the Armada SE has carpeting in the cargo area, or if it has the textured rubber like the new SE Pathfinder? The dealer nearest me hasn't gotten any '05 SEs in yet, just LE, so he's no help.
you should go into our Site Sponsors Section and ask that question to Im sure he can get the answer for that. He works at a dealership and should know.
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