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New 05 Price?

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What can I reasonably be expected to get an 05 LE (w/ DVD/NAV) with about 500 miles or so for from a dealer?

Relatively local dealer has the 'sale' price (down from 48, 000) listed at 38, 800. Any chance I'd have convincing them to go lower? Like to 36000? On a 'new' vehicle I'd be willing to stretch out my loan and pay a bit more. They have 5!!!! on the lot, along with a bunch of 06's. Will they bargain or will they assume they'll sell to those who want an 06 but don't want to pay 48 grand? 05's in my area like these are going for about 33-35 with 20+ thousand miles on them.
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Selling an 05 LE with Nav and DVD

At 38k the dealer is going to be losing close to 4 grand. There's going to be a huge catch, either they'll lowball your trade, knock up the doc fee, add 2 k for chrome wheels or something similiar.

I just purchased an 05 LE with every option offered from the factory, every single one. It even had all the optional parts, save the brush guard. The original price was 51, 800, but I walked away at 41,500.00. This is in Arizona, and was purchased through the owner of the dealership. This was below what they purchased the vehicle for, about 1k. Make sure you dont drive 500 miles and put 1000 miles on your trade if it's a bogus deal. Have them put the price in writing via fax. If the price is realistic they'll have no problem doing this, just fax them a letter telling them you'll buy that day, via fax if the price is realistic. Remember you're in now way obligated to do so. However, the dealers seem to love to be held to prices when negotiated in such a manner. No wheeling and dealing for them = higher profit margins and quicker turnovers.

38k for a new 05 LE is a catch in my book. New SE 05's are still going for 36 in most parts of the country.
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The best way to figure out what is a reasonable offer I found was consumer reports. I have an online membership and they have a car section where you pay like $12 and they will tell you what the dealer paid and what their "kick back" is (I can't think of what it is offically called) but its like 1.5%. My 04 sticker was $43.2 and I got it for $37k...The deal actually was $3k off sticker and then they gave me retail for my trade which was about $3k more than the trade. I figured they made about $1,200 in the going off my experience I'd say around $6k below sticker is about the lowest you might hope for. I don't know how rebates figure into the deal so it might be more. Again I'd recommend consumer reports or a similiar publication to find out what is reasonable.
My two-cents for comparison...

Sticker price on mine was $37,200. I bought it for invoice price, $33-ish MINUS the rebate ($1500), for a grand total of around 31,500.

I would suggest looking up the actual invoice price for the one you want to buy, and start with that as your base price. The dealer should have paid that price, and will get the rebates and kickbacks after the sale. Kickbacks are usually 1.5% to 3% of the MSRP, and rebates change periodically, but are published on many sites.

I'd agree that 38K for a 48k MSRP is a steal. Basically, if you can beat the invoice minus rebate price, you're getting a good deal.
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