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New 06 Armada

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I just picked up my 06 Armada LE with tech package. This truck makes my Ex-Envoy look and drive like a toy. When towing my 5000 LB boat tonight, I hardley knew is was behind me. The shifting was seemless and quite. In the envoy, I think 3rd and 4th gears were constantly fighting back and forth. The shifting was loud and jerky.

Backing up with the camara to put the hitch on the boat was cool. I will never miss the hitch on the first try again! I looked like a pro.

The tech package with the bird view is really cool. I like how most car functions are viewable though the screen.

This is the best car/SUV I have driven and owned. Now I know why I could never find a I hope I feel the same way in a year.

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05CloudWhite said:
I love my 05' but today when I was at the dealer I was wishing I had waited for the 06'. By biggest complaints (which I will admit are little things) about the 05' and 04' are on the inside. I see Nissan corrected a lot of my gripes. Armada's always should have came with automatic climate control and the computer that tells you the outside temp and your direction on the 04' and 05 tell you nothing about fuel economy drives me crazy. Does the 06' give you fuel economy info?

Welcome to the club. I too must say I am jealous of your 06. My 04 4X4 SE with Big Tow had a few bugs to work out. But it sounds like yours has some good features.
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