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New........about to buy an '06 Armada LE....need advise pls.

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Hello everyone,

I'm about to purchase/lease a new '06 Armada LE and was wanting the
opinions/advise of current owners on the board as to what options I should, AWD, brush guard, NAV......etc.

Are the 18'' tires the biggest available?
Is there only one style of rims on the LE?

What would you do differently.....if anything?

Any advise/suggestions will be greatly apreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time~!!


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Welcome and it's great to hear another Armada buyer. The biggest set of rims you could get are 26". But ride quality will suffer. I suggest getting some 20's or 22's if you're looking at what size to upgrade. Brush guard isn't that good of an option, because suppose you get into an accident, the brush guard will probably do more damage to your car. Billet grilles are probably the most common item mainly everyone is doing to their Armada. It's all up to your taste for the billet brille. For AWD, it depends really where you live and you have to think about the conditions in your area (i.e. I live in Canada and my dad got AWD with the Armada, because of winter). If you're good with electionics then maybe you can get aftermarket equipment when it comes to NAV and audio. Overall i'm happy with the NAV in my dad's Armada. The BOSE isn't THAT good, but it goes...
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Go with the LE if you can...leather, moonroof?

18" wheels are the largest stock...just buy custom. Note: the oem's are hard to sell too so don't plan on getting much on craigslist or here if anyone even responds. I still have mine.

AWD? - That's what I thought at first - it's actually 4wd. The difference is your not supposed to go over 55 or 65 in 4wd...get it if you plan to use it otherwise it's a waste of $$$. I have yet to use it but plan to.

I love the tech package which includes NAV, DVD & the awesome backup camera. Sure, you can buy aftermarket stuff if you have the time to research, I just went for the tech package - done, no issues.

The stereo is good just have a shop add an amp & 12" sub ($500).

You can always add the brush guard if you usually hit deer...kinda 90's though.

Get the bench 2nd row for more seating not captains chairs...2 seats are a waste since it's so wide.

Ask for invoice -rebate -holdback (3%). Call around & tell 'em your on your way to buy another SUV.

I got the service plan...but I don't think it's worth it.

The only other issue is the color. Don't settle for anything on the lot...they can get anything from anywhere.
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I got everything and love it. I would skip the brush guard. Its more a liability than safety. Typically, they bend in a minor impact and cause more damage than they prevent. You can get aftermarket stuff that is either cheaper or stronger.
AWD is good for snow, beaches, boat launches, off road duty. If you do any of these you may want it.

Other cool options I didn't get: Sun roof wind blocker, Big Tow mirrors, XM/Sirius, extra headsets for DVD. I like the bench for second row, some like captains. Personal preference. The Bench seems handier for turning the rear into a cargo area and I've used the extra seat more than once.
Hope this helps. ;)
We just bought an 06 LE fully loaded minus the DVD. It's more money to get everything, but unless you have time and patience to deal with aftermarket stuff, it's worth just getting the tech package. The reverse camera is cool and the nav system is nice too, we haven't even scratched the surface on that yet...We love it so far, and because we have kids we got the 2nd row bench seat too and like it alot....Good luck and don't pay more than $300 over invoice, before Rebate!!
WD? - That's what I thought at first - it's actually 4wd. The difference is your not supposed to go over 55 or 65 in 4wd...get it if you plan to use it otherwise it's a waste of $$$. I have yet to use it but plan to.
When i went to go test drive an Armada a while back the salesman said i should shift from rwd to auto(4wd) or visa versa at under 40MPH.When i went to go test drive the Qx56 the salesman didnt tell me that. Is there a difference is those two systems?
Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it.

I have bought and driven Nissan Maxima's........(7) seven to be exact since
1990 and this buying a new SUV is more involved than I had imagined.

Thanks again everyone for your input and I'll let you know what I decide.

Have fun and be safe~!!
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