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New Armada Help!!!

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Ok just got a left over 2004 Nissan Armada got it for 34,500 original sticker price of 45,xxx.xx. Loaded LE except for NAV. I didnt want NAV was thinking on adding my own screen anyway. Just a little introduction. Great site read alot before I took the plunge I already own a Titan but just wanted the Big Dog to go with it. Have a question with the BOSE system I understand that you can hook up the PAC AOEM-NIS2 and keep the stock deck correct? If true can you run only subs and not door speakers? And if you do that will you still be able to hear the stock speakers? Does anybody have any experience with the PAC? And any diagrams this would help a bunch. This is my biggest concern right now other than that love the truck imho best suv on the market tons of mods to come. Here are some pics. Thanx in advance as well any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Come on 60 views and no replies?? There has to be someone here that has some info.
Has anybody used the PAC adapter on their Armada? Please need some help.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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