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new Armada or new Pathfinder?

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I want to purchase a Pathfinder because of the better gas mileage. I like the increased room and seating in the Armada. Comments?

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Hud33 said:
I want to purchase a Pathfinder because of the better gas mileage. I like the increased room and seating in the Armada. Comments?

check out the specific Pathy forum a few lines down on the main page. We drove a new Pathy before we decided on the Armada. For me the 2nd row had inadequate leg room while the 3rd row was only to be used against enemy combatants to force them to divulge info.

I also though the integrated head-rests in the 2nd row were uncomfortable especially when they were in the lower positions.

With 1 infant, 1 on the way, and a slobbery lab we (I mostly) thought that the Armada was more future proof.

just kidding with all the useless excuses. after the experiencing the Armada's drivetrain, I made every excuse to get it over everything else. ;)
if size matters, and for me with 2, soon to be 3, kids it did, i'd take the Armada. the worst case is you won't use all of its potential. Worst case with the Pathfinder is that you'll be wishing it had more room when you needed it and end up trading it in and taking a loss.
Its a scale/size thing you need to consider. I wanted towing capacity and large space for long road trips. If I wasn't planning on towing or driving 1500 miles for ski trips with 5 people on board I would have considered the pathfinder.
I chose the Armada for the V8 and the interior space. I have two kids that seem to need everything from home to go with them whether it be a long trip or just to the grocery store. I am sure it will just depend on your current needs and what you have planned for the future.
You might be surprised but as my service manager stated you don't get that much better gas mileage with the pathfinder. In my opinion the few extra miles per gallon is not worth missing out on the power.
I was dead set on getting a PAthfinder before I decided on the Armada, the one thing that did it was the lack of second row space in the Pathfinder + I got an Armada SE for the same price (or less) than an Pathfinder LE was gonna cost.

+ the Armada is a bad ass MoFo!
There is not much deference on the price between an Armada SE and the Pathfinder Le, so I got my Armada Se, I figured more room, power, and the real thing!!!
Did you post the same question on the Pathfinder forum? Bet you got exactly the same answer, but 180 degrees out!!!

Both are great vehicles with great drive trains. The Pathfinder has our tranny, diffs, a shortened version of our frame etc. It is stout. The engine is a variation of the great V6 Nissan has been using for many years, one considered by many magazine editors as one of the 10 best engines in the world.

But . . . when increased to 4 liters, it is more harsh and noisy. And the Pathfinder has way less interior space. Fuel mileage is not going to be much better.

And . . . if you truly want to go off-road a lot, the Pathfinder will be better in the really bad stuff than the Armada.

All, in all, if you test drive both, you'll fall in love with the smooth, quiet powerful thrust of the Armada and its gigantic interior, its cargo and towing capacity. Unless you plan to use the SUV as a primary off-road vehicle or just like something smaller, I think the Armada wins hands down.
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I thought I would post in this forum as well to hear reasons people chose the Armada. We have a family of five and enjoy trips to the mountains often, and I commute 100 miles a day to work... which is why I need better gas mileage. The off road ability is important too. Room inside is necessary but kids are all under 9 years old. Thanks for all the input, Jon (Hud33)
ARMADA !!! ARMADA !!! ARMADA!!! i tested the pathfinder but like they say 2nd row of seats are not roomy and 3rd either.. so im going for an armada too :3d_004:
You can never have enough, I say go with the Mada.
We looked at both, was all hot on the Pathy until that drive with the whole family in the Mada. 100 miles is along commute. Best mileage I have gotten to date is 17-18 hiway or freeway, loaded with at least 4 people and lots of stuff. Around town 12+/-. If your commute is EZ freeway at 60-70 you should be able to get 17+. The Mada is great. No regrets.
pathy is a nice lil truck but go for the armada my friend, you will love the compliments from ppl... well i guess since i dont have one but i always give compliments bout the mada' :D
Buy two cars.

An Armada for the family, and a cute little used Hyundai for the commute. Commutes are brutal. Commutes are war. Go in there armed with a gas miserly attack vehicle. The more dents the car has, the easier it is to merge. Why ruin a good car going to and fro?
altho as u say on ur first post the pathfinder does not get a lot of mpg than the armada... MAYBE it can get at most 5mpg but this is if ur driving like an old lady twice a week for 5 miles only :D . go with the armada!!
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