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New Armada Owner from VA Saying Hey...

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Hey all...just picked up my 2004 Armada SE Off Road and stumbled upon this site...I'm glad I found it. I'm a long time off roader (previously only in Jeeps :p )...I "inherited" this Armada after my parents drove it for a year and decided they wanted to get Infiniti's version (which is pretty sweet by the way) after taking over the payments, here I am :D I'm looking forward to learning more about my new beast, and I'm sure I'll enjoy every minute of my new truck. This has got to be one of the best SUV/Trucks I've owned, certainly very comfortable, and with 2 kids and lots of weekend activities, the room is great for what we do. I have yet to take it for some rugged off roading, but will soon be putting it to some tests out in Western VA...nothing major, but some good mud trails, river beds, etc...I"m sure it will do fine.

Anyways, glad to be here.

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You've gotta come back with a story or two. I get told by everyone how crappy the Armada 'must be' for off roading, how this and that is so much better, etc. etc. I'd like to hear from someone who knows what he's talkin' about ;)

What, save the skid plates, tire size, and shocks, comes with the Off-Road package? I guess what I'm asking, is it truly an "off road" package, or is it just a step above the SE with a pretty label and some nicer parts?
Welcome aboard. I cant wait to see some pictures of these trips. Make sure you post them and if you get any good video let us know I might be able to work out something with you and host them on the site. I love offroad videos.
Thanks guys...and as far as the offroad's a different suspension setup...slightly "rougher" than the standard SE or LE (Living Room Edition ;) )...the off road package comes with a set of decent Rancho shocks as well....full skid plates underneath, and it's got a locking diff....not as bulletproof as other aftermarket lockers or diffs, but good enough for what I want to do...I'm sure it will handle the off roading I want to be doing with ease...but that has yet to be determined :) I will get back to you all with how it does...I'm planning a trip out to the George Washington National Forest in late January, hoping to get some snow as well as mud to really put her to the test...I might venture up to Paragon or Rausch Creek in Pennsylvania in the Spring....we shall see...thanks again for the replies

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OffRoadinArmada said:
What, save the skid plates, tire size, and shocks, comes with the Off-Road package? I guess what I'm asking, is it truly an "off road" package, or is it just a step above the SE with a pretty label and some nicer parts?
The Off Road pkg includes a lower final gear ration too.
Hey KodanArmada,

Saw something in your signature about a suspension lift.
I have done a little research and no one really seems interested in make a kit available for us. I have talked to several suspension shops here in California including Bulletproof, Fabtech, and some smaller, but bulletproof is the only one that is willing to build me a custom suspension. But they only want to go BIG like 12".

Anyway, let me know what you come up with because we seem to have similar ideas for our Armada.

BTW, show a picture of it with the tire on top!

Since the Armada is a body-on-frame design, isn't that going to make suspension lifts more difficult vs. other trucks? Also, I read in the manual that adjusting anything will alter the VDC in a seemingly terrible way (from how the book reads). Anyone really worried about this? Personally, I'm just lookin' for a small 2 inch lift in the front and back. Kinda afraid of voiding my warranty/putting myself in danger from an overactive VDC.
Give me a Hollar

Kodan if you decide on a trip to Paragon in Pennsylvania give me a Hollar. all though its aobut a four hour drive for me from Pittsburgh I'd be interested in running there and theres another off road site near Altonna much closer to me. You msut have three or more in your group to run at Paragon along with tow hooks front and back, fire extinguishers, and tow strapes, jacks etc etc etc. otherwise you will if your lucky be put into a gropu or with possibly a guide. At any rate give a shout.
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