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New Armada owner

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Just picked up my '06 LE last night. This site was VERY helpful in making our decision. My wife originally wanted a minivan, but she saw the Armada at the car show and was impressed. We test drove one and she was hooked. The best part for me is that a) I don't have to drive a minivan and b) I have a new tow vehicle.

I am impressed with all the towing info on here and plan on ordering a Prodigy brake controller next week. I tow a race car on an open trailer totaling 4800lbs. (the trailer weighs more than the car). We have a 4Runner that I tow with and does better than you would think. However, it does struggle when going through mountain roads.


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While the wife has been getting more comfortable driving the truck, I have been doing my best to learn all the functions. I have noticed that the Nav system and all of it's related functions can be a bit overwhelming. The Nav owner's manual is almost as big as the vehicle's owner's manual.



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FL_Crushin said:
Just turn on the long menus and it becomes a little more intuitive. You'll figure out what you need.
This is definately a noob question but where exactly is the long menu option located? I looked in both books and went through the Nav screens in the truck and could not find it.
Ok, update on the Nav system. I am getting better at using it, and learning more by doing than try to decifer the manual (it's poorly worded if you ask me).

I did notice that every time you want to select a POI as a destination (such as a resteraunt), it requires that you tell it which city you are in. This is a real pain as the system doesn't recognize what city you are currently in. Did I miss something? I checked all the options but couldn't find anything that would do this.

For comparison, I have a Garmin c340 (if nav didn't come with your vehicle, you WANT this one). It recognizes your current locations and adjusts your POI list accordingly. It also takes far fewer inputs than the factory unit.

Believe me I am not complaining, just trying to learn how to use everything.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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