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New Armada owner

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Just picked up my '06 LE last night. This site was VERY helpful in making our decision. My wife originally wanted a minivan, but she saw the Armada at the car show and was impressed. We test drove one and she was hooked. The best part for me is that a) I don't have to drive a minivan and b) I have a new tow vehicle.

I am impressed with all the towing info on here and plan on ordering a Prodigy brake controller next week. I tow a race car on an open trailer totaling 4800lbs. (the trailer weighs more than the car). We have a 4Runner that I tow with and does better than you would think. However, it does struggle when going through mountain roads.


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Long Menus

ToyHauler said:
While the wife has been getting more comfortable driving the truck, I have been doing my best to learn all the functions. I have noticed that the Nav system and all of it's related functions can be a bit overwhelming. The Nav owner's manual is almost as big as the vehicle's owner's manual.

Just turn on the long menus and it becomes a little more intuitive. You'll figure out what you need.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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