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New Armada.

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Hello all,

I purchased the Armada 3 months ago. The day I got it I had a few upgrades done:

1. 24" Gianelle, Elle 5 rims/tires
2. Custom center console headliner, suede. 10.5" flip down and 2 6" monitors behind the 2nd row seats.

That about it. I am going to do other mods as well, ie..... custom grill, HID lights, eura tail lights, and custom exhaust. I dont want to get the cookie cutter custom grills so I am in the process of making my own.

What do you guys think so far?


note: I dont have a current picture of the upper center console after completion, but it is now covered in suede and it looks great. I will post pic soon.
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That is ONE HUGE A$$ much do those run you? If you don't mind me much for the 24s. Can't wait to see your grille! HAPPY MODDING!
I like the video stuff. You should get the switcher that allows you to put the video on the NAV display. Don't like the rims, too large for my taste. I think mine are too big personally but it was the smallest size I could get and still get the tires I wanted. I'd also look at getting the Infiniti center console door lid. Would fit in with your theme. ;)
I think

it all looks great! I really like the wheels, since most people always go with the "budget" got some quality there my friend. Great job!
Rims look tight. Screen.. tight. Whats the standard size of stock screen?
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