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New car, New problems

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Just purchased a 2006 armada le this evening,
When the salesman showed me the car he couldn't
get the navigation to work, none of the navi menus worked
(could not select them) he tryed another dvd and got it work,
so he gave me that dvd. All was good driving home navi worked
great. When I got home I shut the car off went inside to get
my girlfriend and go for a ride to show her the car,
Now navi not working again, when I start the car it doesn't
even show me the warning message just goes to radio.
She also noticed the clock doesn't change always says 8:00,
Then she wanted to ride in the back to watch a dvd.
while were driving I noticed that the passenger air bag off light
on the radio console was not on. Shouldn't the light be on if no
one is in the passenger seat?
Car has only 55 miles and all these problems already,
don't want to see what happens at 1000 miles.
:mad: :mad:
Sorry for the rant no one here to yell at, The dealership will
get an ear full tomorrow morning.

Thanks for listening
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Bring it back. Not sure why its doing that. The NAV is different for '06. I'd have them reset the computer, and have a tech track it down. Could just be a glitch in the program tha fixes when its reset. Hate to say this but its the first problems I'm hearing with either. Good luck and don't worry, its a killer truck. ;)
I agree with Triple that it may just be a program glitch. Have the dealer check it out. I've had my 06 for about a month now and all is fine and dandy.
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