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New Gibson Exhaust System Installed.

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Installed my Gibson Exhaust System and Active Tuning kit, was going to do it tomorrow but couldn't wait. Finished in the dark, so will have to wait until tomorrow to play. Now I just need the new Volant CAI and I am set.
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crash4444 said:
A slight Drone, I actually like it, if the radio is on, even at a low volume I don't hear the drone. When I step on it, I get a nice throaty sound. I keep turning down the radio just to listen to the sound. I love starting up the beast it has a real nice sound and lets you know there is something special under the hood. As for price, I got it from SoCal Motorsports for $499 + $25 for shipping. I have never done anything like this before and easily installed it myself. Just remove the spare tire first and it is easy. Took me about an hour to remove the old one and install the Gibson. I will try to get some pictures this week.
Was the $499 for aluminized or stainless? Thanks.
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