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Hi there! My husband just bought me a 2005 SE last weekend. We traded in my 2003 Expedition which I really really liked, but I absolutely love my Armada! So far we have only changed the rims, but we plan to get a billet grill soon. Here is a pic!


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Hi there and Welcome.
I love those wheels - good choice.
Very cool Armada in white with chrome wheels!
I got a Galaxy Black, but now kinda wished I got the white one instead.
Nice. Welcome!

Nice wheels!!!!, welcome to the club!!!!!
Welcome to the forum. :hi:
As a fellow blizzard owner, welcome!

Welcome to the club. What brand wheels are those and what size are they. B
They are 20" Eco Evo. Those were a surprise to me on my birthday, I had no idea my husband was doing that. I thought the Armada was my present! I had picked out the Helo Renegades, but apparently they wouldn't fit right. I like his choice too! Tomorrow I am taking it to get the billett grill installed. I'll post some more pics after it is done.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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