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New Karma!

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I have installed the Volant system and no longer need my K&N drop in filter for the Armada/Titan. The filter has been used for about 8-9K miles, is in excellent condition, maybe needs cleaning. I will ship it to the winner in the original box. The drawing will be on Monday, March 28. I will post the winner then.
Good luck to all! :noworries
OK - It's Monday -Time to draw the winner!!!
:goteam: :goteam: :goteam:

And the winner is:

****** Poohdaddy ******

Congrats Poohdaddy, the winner of the ClubArmada karma for the K&N filter! Check your PM for a message from me.
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I was just looking at one! I sure am glad that I belong to this website. I hope I win! :urthebest

Way to get the Karma going over here SCR38 You the man. Free stuff is always fun.
Put me in please. :awesome:

As soon as I get around to cleaning the garage, I think I'll have some good karma to send out. :eek:
I would love to participate as well.

Add me in there as well
I'm in!

so do I

dont let me out please.... :itsfriday
Please add me to the Drawing.
Put me in old buddy, my friend, :D have i ever told you your a real nice person. :p and if i win i will add you to my friend list
Give it to Campfamily

Put my name in and if mine gets pulled Campfamily can have it.
Update - At this time we have 13 in for the drawing on this karma. Drawing will be next monday. :awesome:
enter me in there too!!! :thumbup:
Put My Name In The Big Hatit Would Cool To Win!!!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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