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New LE 4x4 owner

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Hello. I purchased a new LE 4x4 w/nav, sirius and dvd last week. The exterior is granite and the interior is graphite. I was initially set on a pathfinder. However, at a recent auto show I became equally impressed with the Armada. I drove both and the pathfinder seemed anemic and cramped compared to the Armada. So back to research to answer some questions:

1. Price. I calculated the Armada to be about 10-15% more than a comparably equipped pathfinder. Not bad given the extra power and size.
2. 05 vs. 06. There are some good deals on 05s. But I was able to find an 06 at one dealer that was price the same as an 05 at another dealer. I like the power fold-up mirrors and split 3-row seat.
3. Parking. This was actually a big concern to me because I park in a deck at work. The lowest clearance in my deck was just inches about my Armada. The first drive up the ramps was nerve racking. I could have reach through the sun roof and touched sprinkler heads and such.
4. Color. I originally wanted Smoke. When I saw the Granite color in person, I liked it. It looked better than the swatch of color on the Nissan website.
5. Options. I was tempted to not get the dvd since you can buy the handheld units for about $100. This was not negotiable with my kids. Having the dvd player in the front center console is a pain. The tech package seemed like an extravagance too. I used a Garmin 330 successfully last summer on a cross country drive. The plus of the tech package is that everything fully intergrated into the nav display including sat radio. I also like the backup camera. I leave for work when a lot of neighborhood children are walking to the bus stop and backup view will give me some peace of mind. As previously noted by others, not being able to program the nav while driving by the passenger is a serious shortcoming when vacationing. I haven’t decided if I want to insert a switch in speed sensor wire as a temp. override.

This forum was a great help in making my decision. I thank the members for posting comments that I used to help make my decision. Every time I get in the beast, there’s a big smile on my face.
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welcome , post some pictures of the Yacht when you can :cool:
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