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New mada owner here

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Well been reading for a week and decided today i would sign up and enter the fray. I just bought a used 04 armada SE 2x4, we traded in our 04 pathfinder LE platinum ed. previous body style for the mada. Love it so far, had for 2 weeks and plan to keep this one for the long haul. also had a 03 xterra, loved it at first, wanted one for several years but the ride just wasnt comfortable. alittle stiff and all to be expected at the price point, But wasnt what we wanted in the end.
anyways, Its the dark silver/grey color.. has everything we need and we decided against the leather this time as its hot here in florida and the kids got hot legs everyday. and black leather in the pathy made the interior extra hot i think.. I have a few pictures i can post also.. Hope to get lots of info on mods, and maybe even offer some info if i have some to lend... so far i have tinted the front 2 windows. and put on a flowmaster 70 series.. and a dual muffler tip, I installed a 50 series delta flow 1 day after i bought it and it seemed pretty loud inside so i swapped it for the 70 series.... anyone looking for a 5 day old 50 series? LOL
The picture im posting has some rims i tried but didnt like so now we have the stock 5 spoke 18's back on it... Tried rent and roll just to see what i would like before i plunked the cash down, glad i did..

I have enjoyed reading the forum and will be here for awhile.. Thanks for having me


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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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