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New member from Florida

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Hi all,

Glad a found an Armada specific forum. Had my 04 silver 4x4 since June 04 and have loved every mile in it. Little things here and there, but overall a fantastic ride that does everything I need. Had the full brake job done in Jan 05 and it really did the trick. Nothing really special about my vehicle other than I have it set up to be the ultimate dog trainer's vehicle, the envy of all of my training buddies. I'm a pretty serious trainer/competitor, so I actually purchased the vehicle around the requirements of my hobby. About the coolest thing (no pun) about my vehicle is that I have a custom climate control system installed to protect my dogs. Cranks the vehicle by itself when it gets hot, runs the ac till cool then shuts off. Repeats when it gets hot again.

anyway, glad to be here.

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Glad to have you here. The auto cool off feature you have added is cool(pun intended!). I think you will discover that this is a good source of info for your Armada.
I have a Smoke '04 SE and I enjoy driving it. I stepped up from a Pathfinder; really like the added room and power.
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