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Hi All,

I am a new member; just bought a 2012 Armada, Platinum. Amazingly comfortable ride.

The car has a single issue: the heating won't work. I tried to bubble out the system,
but that didn't help. I checked, and the line going from the heater valve to the core
was cold, so I guess the valve did not open. I checked, and the valve itself was not
getting any voltage, so my guess is that the electronics failed somehow.

The climate control panel buttons are not great. The A/C button is almost impossible
to turn off and I can't get recirculation to work either. "Auto" works, so with that
my guess is that heating should turn on when set to 90F. That panel is mostly shot and will
need replacing.

Question: where does the valve get the 12V from? Is is straight from the control panel
and will swapping that out fix the heater issue? Is there an A/C amplifier/control module
somewhere? I found such parts online (part# 27520-ZQ00A) for the car but couldn't
locate any such modules on the car. I took the control panel off, but it does not seem
like there is anything there that resembles what I found online.

Any help appreciated!



FYI, the front panel looks like this one.

Vehicle Plant Automotive design Media player Gadget

Ok, correction, not completely like that one, mine is the BOSE one.

Further researching, I think the AC control module is built in into the NAV button box, with part # 28395-9GE1A. There seem to be two ribbon cables going from the PCB into a box at the back side of the NAV control box, which I think is the HVAC control box in one. The big cable connects into that one.

Hopefully, if I replace the controls it will solve all problems.
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