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New Member in Fl.

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Had our 05 SE with sunroof package for about 2 months now. Looks AWESOME next to my 350Z. The wife was looking a Expeditions but I wanted the Armada For a while Finally found a blizzard white with leather sunroof and Bose in it. It was in the back of the lot just came off the semi, did'nt even have the dealer name sticker on it. We love it as I am sure that all here do. Have'nt had any problems, got almost 3000 miles on it. Drives great A/C is strong Brakes are fade free with no shutter. I hope we have no trouble with it but I doubt that it would deminish our enthusiasm.

05 SE Blizzard white / sand leather
Sunroof and bose
04 350Z Chrome silver
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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