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New Member Recently Crashed Armada

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Hello all, I'm a new member, just recently got my 04 Armada LE back from the body shop after a bad accident. Love the vehicle overall, and use it to tow my 24' boat (approx 7k lbs). I got hit by a Dodge Ram 1500 estimated to be going 75mph (t-boned) while I was stopped. For those that don't know the Armada can take one heck of a beating, and showed no entry into the passenger compartment at all (the Dodge was in MUCH worst condition and was totaled). My Armada was spun 540 degrees when I was hit (not fun). Anyway now I have a completely NEW frame (yes they replaced the entire frame instead of straightening it), hood, fenders etc. The Armada drives as new, which I'm really surprised with, and tracks straight with tire wear looking good so far. Good luck to all and know that you are driving a very safe vehicle (just an FYI, one of the state troopers at my accident told me he was buying an Armada for his wife the following weekend after my accident after seeing the Armada vs the Dodge outcome). Not sure if my picture of the crashed vehicle will show up, I listed it as an attachment.


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All I can say is WOW!

I am very satisfied already in knowing that our vehicles can withstand such an accident. Glad you are okay after such an experience!!

Welcome to the board!
ewwww That looked like a nasty one, Nissan always made a pretty safe vehicle, apparently we should rename the armada... The Tank
I have a similar post. It sounds like the same exact things were replaced on mine...same color too. Frame, hood, both fenders, front bumper and both headlights. Total bill came to $17,000. What was yours?
No doubt. The Armada is a tank. Totaled our first one. See my new member post ( Title of the post is "new second time owner member" and picture is about half way down the post.
Thanks for the welcome, this looks like a great forum. The damage on mine was $16K, the frame price was only around $2500 which I thought was pretty amazing. Glad to see I'm not the only one that has been protected by their Armada. Funny thing on mine was no airbags went off, police told me it was because I was stopped?
yea them air bag diagnostic sensors are smart little cookies, they read info from almost every componet on your car.... what will the come out with next!
Our airbags did not go off either. I would like to know what the logic is behind the system activating. My wife was going no faster than 15mph tops, and she hit a cement pillar for a light pole sqaure on the right frame rail. The cement absorbed zero energy from the crash, sending it all back to the Armada. I've tried to do some research on the Armada airbag sensor but all I could find is that there is a negative "g" type switch that when an accident happens, a little hinge type deal inside the sensor is what actually causes the airbags to go off by breaking contact with the system. Anyone else know where to find this info? I'm a little concerned that both of ours did not go off. If the RAM that hit you was going 75mph, then they should have no doubt went off-even if you were stopped. For our situation, had my wife not been wearing her seat belt, I guarantee you that she would have had some serious damage done to her because the seat belt left bruises on her upper left shoulder and her hip area.
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I had a black and blue "stripe" from the seat belt that was actually so dark it looked like I was painted with a purple/black stripe. From what I've read about the airbags there are many things the system is checking for. I was hit in the front at a 90 degree angle, but luckily wasn't broadsided beyond the bumper area which is probably why mine didnt go off. But the police told me if you arent moving they rarely go off??
this is true, remember they are a SUPPLEMENTAL Restrain system, they are designed to keep your head from hitting the windshield, IF you had side airbags, THEY would have went off, or the curtains, but the driver and pass. air bags are not designed to deploy in minor crashes, or when you are standing still because the force will most likely not propell you into the windshield. the seat was designed to keep you firmly in your seat, and that is what takes the brunt of the crash.
Most airbag systems will only deploy if the vehicle is going over 15-20mph. One major reason especially on SUVs is that if you are offroading usually going under 20mph, and tag a hug bump, then you don't want the airbags deploying.

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