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Hello Everyone.

I've been a Ford owner all my life and the current lease on my 2003 Ford Expedition will end in October/05. I'm looking at getting either another Expedition, a Durango, or an Armada :). The Armada is by far the most expensive of the three but I'm impressed by the powertrain, awesome looks, and interior features. I've been doing quite a bit of reading on this forum (a lot of great info here) and I have a few questions.

I'm concerned about the fit and finish of the Armada because squeeks and rattles drive me nuts! It seems that these problems were more prominent in the 04 model. Was there a noticable improvement in build quality on the 05's? Does anyone have any advanced info on the 06 models yet (ie. new features, changes, etc.)?
I'm not worried about the brake issue as they will have been corrected long before I get my new vehicle.
I've heard rumors that Nissan replacement parts are much more expensive than Ford and/or Chrysler. Is this true?
Can anyone tell me how Nissan service compares to other OEM's? My current Ford dealer bends over backwards to ensure I'm happy. There is only one Nissan dealer in my area so the lack of other Nissan dealer competition also has me a bit concerned.
Any information that you can provide would be appreciated.
This is a great site!
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I've driven a few '05's and they are night and day better than my early build '04. I guess with regard to squeaks and rattles, you'd be best served just to test drive the crap out of them and find one that's quiet. No doubt you will not be able to avoid the occasional squeak or rattle eventually though.

I've found Nissan OEM parts online and they've been way cheaper than even my old Chevy Tahoe parts I used to buy.

As for service, it all depends on the dealer, and let me tell you I would definitely question whichever dealer you buy from. I will say that the dealer I've worked with has been very courteous and for the most part has made good efforts for me.

The powertrain in the Armada whips the crap out of any large SUV out there in my opinion. You won't be disappointed!

And welcome!
I have just decided to switch from an '01 Eddie Bauer to an '05 Armada LE. I am also very particular about my vehicles. I will let you know how my '05 holds up. I am also concerned with all the negative comments.

I have opted for 20 inch aftermarket wheels so I know already I will feel more bumps than the std 18s. I just don't like the look of the stock rims. I almost pulled the trigger on an '05 Expedition Limited 2 weeks ago until I saw "my Armada" while driving by a dealer. It had the custom wheels installed and instantly drew my attention. The '05 Expo definitely has a smoother ride and like you - I have had zero problems with my Ford. However, after driving the Armada - it seemed much more refined and seemed worth the extra few K. I think the new Ford interior looks somewhat cheaper than even my '01. The LE Armada also has the power lift gate and the full color backup camera if you get the Tech package. Those are two cool options. In my area - I see very few Armadas but plenty of Expo's so that is another plus in my book.

Check back for my updates.
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Thanks adjmcloon. I don't mind the odd squeek or rattle - those I will definitely take care of myself. Just as long as it doesn't sound like a bucket of bolts. I'm happy to hear that Nissan replacement parts are competitively priced and I have no doubt that the Armada can run circles around the sluggish Expedition.

BostonBob - I'm looking forward to reading your updates. The Armada is definitely loaded with features and the exterior looks awesome. Tons of testosterone :D
Got the '05 smoke LE sitting in the garage. The '01 Eddie Bauer sitting in the rain. A sad day for Eddie - a very good day for me :). I will tell you this truck looks AWESOME in person. Please see my pics in other posts. The interior is fantastic and IMO much better than the Ford's. With the Tech package - I get the NAV and backup camera - way cool options. The NAV is neat ( I gotta do some reading) plus with the NAV, it is hooked up to your radio and HVAC controls so it makes the whole driving experience much better. I just went down and did the big CD transfer and moved the glovebox stuff from the Ford to the Nissan. That chrome Nissan badge on the grill is "massive". I did not drive it tonight since it is raining. I will drive my Expo one more day and then the Expo is going to a co-worker. I will miss the Expo - it has served me well but I hope to get better performance out of the Armada. So far so good - stay tuned.
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