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Welcome to Club Armada
This section is for new members to introduce themselves. Please,if you are new or haven't even joined but visit go ahead and make a post so we can get to know you.

New members must make first post in this section, New Members Introduction

By registering you agree to the following rules.

Club Armada Rules

1. Members must respect all moderators and the decisions they make. This is a thankless job and these guys volunteer to do this. Their word is final.

2. Links to or posting of pornographic or illegal sites, pictures, videos, other forums of questionable morals will not be tolerated. If you are found linking to any of these you will be banned no questions or warnings given. No posting of scantly clad females in posts, signatures or avatars. We want this place to be for everyone without anyone being offended.

3. Language must be kept clean. There will be no misspelling of swear words to get around filter, or any asterisks used to denote swear words. We do not feel they are needed here to express yourself!!! Language rules also apply to any links. Always respect others age, sex, race, religious and political beliefs. If you want to argue about these type things there are plenty other forums for it. A good rule is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Sometimes its better to say nothing at all than say something that could be misunderstood or taken as offensive.

4. Signatures should not be so big that they cause the site to display incorrectly. Images in signatures are permitted but should not exceed 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. If you have a large picture in your signature you should limit the text lines to only 2 lines. Links in signatures are permitted and encouraged if you have a non commercial site of your own. Advertising links are not allowed unless you are a site sponsor. Feel free to post links to any picture gallery of your vehicle. Listing your mods is OK but do not list each mod on a separate line. If your signature does not comply you will be asked to change it. If it is not changed quickly a moderator may have to alter your signature for you.

5. Do Not Flame!! For any reason. If you flame another member for any reason you leave yourself open for possible banning. Just because you disagree with someone does not give you the right to belittle or tear them to pieces. Luckily I have seen very little of this here and that says a lot for our members.

6. If you find someone breaking one of the rules please contact one of the Moderators; Marctronixx, Pops, Drauden, BlakSpyda, or SCR38.. Do not take it upon yourself to correct them. It only leads to further problems. Let someone who can do something about it take care of it.

7. Advertising is only permitted by site sponsors. If you would like to advertise your products in the forums you must become a sponsor. If you are not a sponsor and are found advertising you will be banned. We respect and appreciate our sponsors and it would not be fair to those that pay to keep the site running.

8. Do not post links to software or copyright material that you do not own the copyright for. This includes Nissan Manuals that are not distributed freely. Do not request these from other members.

9. Messages posted in this forum by members are solely the opinion and responsibility of the person posting the message. By posting you take full responsibility for your post and the contents within it. This site, the owners and moderators will not be held responsible for any information posted by members.

10. Last but not least Have Fun!! . Post often and enjoy yourself.
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